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Direct Install Programs offer customers cash rebates to offset the cost of replacing or upgrading Lighting and HVAC with high-efficiency equipment that can improve their facilities’ energy efficiency.

High-efficiency equipment is key to lowering your energy costs and reducing your energy use. Direct Install is designed specifically to help you obtain high-efficiency equipment with a free energy audit and rebate incentive to pay a portion or all of the cost to install new equipment. Express Energy crews will install the new equipment to start saving you money now.

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Energy efficiency is the smart way to save money and help the environment. By using less energy you lower your monthly bill, produce fewer air pollutants, preserve natural resources, and promote the use of domestic energy sources’.

Your Electric Utility Company wants to assist you. Don’t wait to start…saving energy and our countries resources’ is everyone’s goal and it puts people back to work.

Free Energy Surveys-Audit & Assessment

Direct Installation Programs send out an energy professional to evaluate the lighting, ballasts, fixtures, HVAC system, and more at your place of business. We’ll make custom recommendations for improving energy efficiency that fit your business and your budget. They will detail the type of upgrade technology that will be installed to start saving you energy and money.

Rebate Incentives on the purchase and installation of qualifying high-efficiency equipment that improve the energy efficiency of their businesses in the following areas:


Motion Sensors

Air Conditioning Thermostat

Premium Efficiency Motors

And more…

Direct Install: Why is it important for YOU?


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